Sustainable fashion event - BELMODO

- freelance project 2018 -

For Belgian online fashion platform "Belmodo", I designed and created three sustainable silhouets. Belmodo asked some young Belgian fashion designers to participate on a big "Sustainable Fashion Project" to bring awareness in the fashion industry.  I designed the three silhouets by recycling old jackets and made a new one from them, inclusive shoes. An other silhouet is created by knitting fabric scraps together. The last one is made in the theme of the "plastic ocean" problem, where I used plastic scraps and fishing nets and made it into a dress.
All the silhouets were showcased at the big fashion show in Marseille, France.
I would like to thank my models Ark, Marloes and Daniel.
Sustainable fashion - Belmodo - Julie De Bleser
Sustainable fashion event - Belmodo - Julie De Bleser