- collection 2017 -

'FIXED' refers to bonding broken pieces back together again. Fixing these little broken pieces makes a new piece: something fragile yet strong. I created a capsule collection of garments inspired by Mexico, the typical local garb, the landscapes, colors, music, textures, and undeniably- the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Despite being broken emotionally and physically many times, Frida put herself together with an inner resilience and an innate flair for color, design... I printed her paintings on fabric and mixed it up with different materials to create different textures.

Many thanks to my models for this collection Naomi, Florine, Jamela, Hannah, Justin, Walt, Carl and Eric!

Photos by Katrijn Decoster.
FIxed - Julie De Bleser
Fixe - Julie De Bleser
Fixed - Julie De Bleser