Comfort to my soul

- collection 2016 - 

For this collection, I was inspired by an ethnic costume I had created earlier during my studies Stedelijke Academie. It was the costume of Epke Masquerade, from Nigeria. I fell in love once again with the big shapes; contrasting reds and blacks, the way the body and face are covered and the details created using feathers and leafs. Inspired by the inconspicuous nature of masks and masquerading, I came across the works of Saul Steinberg- an artist who makes simple but beautiful masks using cardboard. I wanted to mix textures with graphic prints, so the faces are embroidered and the big volume of the ethnical costume returns in the big jacket.

Many thanks to my models for this collection Naomi, Lola, Cecil, Neomie, Eric and Jonas!

Photos by Katrijn Decoster.
Comfort to my soul - Julie De Bleser
Comfort to my soul - Julie De Bleser